Temporary Living Space While Building Our Tiny House

So we are building our tiny house on the land that my in laws will own with us helping with the final payment. To save money we are staying in a cabin that was built about two years ago on the property for my brother in law- Michael. Michael is the one who will be helping us build our tiny house and the one you see in the videos throughout the demolition.

The cabin we currently are staying in is 340 sq feet. The cabin is wide open and has a refrigerator. We currently go down to their place which is really close to use the restroom, shower, and I do most of the cooking for everyone so I cook there.

For the most part we hang out in the cabin. The boys play their video games, I blog and find ideas for the tiny house and my husband works then watches shows he enjoys. We do have access to the Internet and we do have a window air conditioner that keeps us nice and cold.

The boys and I sleep on a foam mat on the floor and my husband sleeps on a cot.

Here is the main space for the boys and my husband to hand out during the day. The boys have really adapted to outdoor living and playing.

One thing that has really amazed me with my boys is their new interest in playing card games and board games. Anyone who knows my boys they never leave their consoles. So the outdoor playing and card/board games has really impressed me.

Here is our temporary tiny coffee station. If you know my husband you know he can not handle a day without coffee. I want to thank my mom for our new coffee cups. When we get the tiny house build I want the rustic farm look, so I will be keeping all my dishes white as they will be displayed for everyone to see.

Playing games

Thanks again everyone for checking in with us.

We are planning on moving the steel frame this weekend to build our Tiny House.


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