Tiny House Adventure; Demolition

Week 1 Tiny House Building:

Hey everyone I hope you have enjoyed our tiny house adventure so far. So, first off I want to share with you our goals on building our tiny house.

Our budget for our tiny house is $5,000.00.

We have not completely decided on the size but right now thinking 32 ft x 16 ft.

We hope to build our house within one month to a month and a half at most.

One of Mike’s (my brother-in-law) and I goals are to reuse as much materials that we can. We are reaching out to people we know to work for some of the materials or to see what we can find for free. We are truly big on recycling, upcycling, and reusing as much as possible.

Searching For Materials:

Mike and I went out searching for materials or old buildings that we could tear down for free materials. At first we struck out a lot. However Mike knew a local business owner with lots of property and tons of materials.

One of the materials Jack was willing to give us was a steel beam under one of his trailers he owned. The trade was Mike and I tear the trailer down and Jack would keep the metal on the outside and then the insulation and we could have the frame and anything else we thought we could use. The rest Jack would burn.

Mike, Jack & Sonja

We went out to check out the trailer Jack was willing to let us tear down for the steel beam. Below are the Before and After Photos.


Prepping the Land:

We had to weed eat the land and chop down all the small trees and weeds. I think it took us a two- three hours to complete.

While prepping the land we found a turtle and set it free.



Checking Out Already Built Tiny Houses:

We stopped in our area to check out the price and layout of already built tiny houses. We wanted to see the layouts, square footage, price and wanted to see if we could get any ideas out of them. We really like the way they built the lofts.

The first one would work for a single person. One loft a small living space under and small deck. $4,745.00. I don’t think we looked at the dimensions of this one.


Second Tiny House:

This one was 32 ft x 12 ft. The dimensions including the deck. This had one loft, more living space and extra storage on the opposite end.



Day 1 Demolition:

Day 1 we pulled all metal siding off and the insulation off.


Demolition Day 2:


Super Tired:

Demolition Day 3:

Clean Up:



Week 1 Recap:


Final Demolition:

Final Final Demolition:




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Thanks everyone for checking out our journey to building our tiny house. I hope you all enjoy watching us. It is hard work and we can’t be more excited to start our new journey.

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