Tiny House Breaking Ground- Hole Digging

Digging…. Cheers

So the first part of building our tiny house is digging the holes for the frame of the house. We need to dig at least 6 holes that are 2 ft wide and 2 ft deep. I am really big on if we can do it no need for equipment that just equals more money and we are on a budget. So I started digging the first hole to see what digging was going to be like.


Digging was better than I anticipated; however the ground is mostly rock and some rocks are super big. I still think we are capable of doing it on our own. Although I broke the shovel. :/


We marked out the rest of the five holes and continue to dig by hand with the tools my buddy Jack provided since I broke our shovel.


Digging the 3rd hole. It has taken about 3-4 hours per hole.

My buddy Jack comes by and says he has a backhoe!! What Jack you have been holding out on me…. but still music to my ears …………

The backhoe is amazing! Did it do the 100%…No but did enough to help us finish out the main digging. I will have to clean out the holes and dig it more accurate. We all know any help is better than no help at all.

I was out cleaning out the holes and digging when I receive and alert on my phone that my husband had commented on a post I made. But wait……………….. I am digging not in front of a computer I am confused??? Never leave your computer up with your Facebook open—lesson learned! But I do truly love my husband- but he needs to stay off my computer 🙂


I proved to these guys, (my husband & Brother in law) and myself anything is possible know what you can do and push through. We did get lucky with my buddy Jack. I always want to push myself and ask others to keep pushing. Don’t let money dictate. If you can do it you will truly appreciate it in the end.

When things come easy that’s a problem; you never have to push through. Anyone who knows me knows I am a bad*** who will not let anything or anyone stand in my way. God is answering all my prayers now even if the days are tough.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Please send any thoughts or ideas. I really truly love you all watching and following me. Please continue it gives me strength in knowing I am continuing on the right path.

Digging is not easy or fun but my tiny house will be so appreciated in the end. Thanks to everyone watching and helping I am truly blessed by those who surround me.

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