Tinyfest Midwest

So if you haven’t been following us yet we are on a new journey. We have sold our house and will be using that money to build our own tiny house. We sold almost everything in out old house; other than some clothes and items we felt were super important.

Our house will be stationary. I love the fact of moving around but we want to be close to family so we will build next to our family.

Michael and I started the journey in Missouri but had to come back for the rest of the family.

So when we went back home to pick up the kids and my husband we planned it around the Tinyfest Midwest: http://tinyfestmidwest.com so we could get some ideas for our tiny house.


Michael (my brother in law) attended all three days. My husband went the second day and then the whole family went the last day.

Michael (brother in law)

My husband John, Me, Jantz & Davin

Tiny house kitchens. One of my favorite things was adding cabinets in the ceiling. I also really liked making the coffee cups into lights. I am really big on being creative and unique.

The tiny house with the outdoor kitchen was only a bench in the inside so basically a seating area and then the cooking area outside, more for camping not long term living. I did like how it could be pushed in and hidden when not in use.


Ceiling cabinets

Coffee cups as lights- love the pan holder                                Outdoor cooking space


Loved these counter tops and sink                                             Super clean.-loved the corner shelves


Super cute shelves love a little color                         My favorite

Tiny house bathrooms:

I love the penny floor. It was super shiny and classy. I am not sure yet if our tiny house will have a tub. We have been debating. I love taking a bath but I want to make sure we use our space wisely. Our tiny house bathroom should be abut the size of the bathroom in the left photo.


Probably our sized bathroom                                          Penny floor- love…..


Love the tooth brush holder                               My favorite Shower for the cost


Upscale tiny house shower                                          Little but cute

Tiny house seating:


Loved this layout for the size                                                  This house was only seating

Retro Seating- storage underneath                                             This color scheme- always seems to be in style


Tiny house ceilings:


I really loved the color and the height                                     This is so simple but so clean


Tiny house outside:


Super durable siding                                                  Super tiny living


Mobile Tiny Living                                                                             Rustic


Very Unique loved the metal at the bottom                  Another mobile tiny house

Tiny house sleeping:

My favorite was the bus which features the double bunk beds and a large bed in the back. It was build really sturdy and the bus was laid out amazing for mobile living. In the future I hope we do a tiny bus and take a few trips.

I bought a camper with my sister and we are trying to redo it also. The camper will take some time but we hope to get it up and running and refinished. My sister would like to travel around the states. I would love if we could finish the camper and have her come see our tiny house.


Me and my sister Shauna                                                                 Our camper (still needs redone)


Double bunk beds & large bed                                                        Loft living

My favorite:

Our tiny house will feature two double doors one on the front of the house and one on the back. We are going to build a wrap around deck for the whole house.

Double Doors

Tinyfest Food:


The Drunken Chicken                                          This was sooo good. Chicken, beans, rice and tortillas


The Big Green Q                                                                        Loaded pork nachos, salsa, spicy ranch

We had a blast at the tiny festival. The boys were so excited to go and look at ideas for our tiny house. I hope you all continue to follow our adventure. I will be sharing as much as I can from building the tiny house, living simple, gardening and much more. I would love any feedback and what would you do if you were in my shoes?

To simple and tiny house living:

Thanks for reading our story, 

The Morris Family & Prosperity Acres

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